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Dr. Mason Kim, raised here in Blackfalds, has forged an inspiring journey by blending his mechanical engineering background with a fulfilling career in dentistry. With a deep-rooted connection to family business in Blackfalds, Dr. Mason spent nearly two decades alongside his parents, where he dedicated his weekends and evenings to learn the ropes of entrepreneurship.


His academic journey led him to pursue Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alberta, setting a strong foundation for his later endeavours. Following his passion for hands-on work, Dr. Mason ventured into the field as a dedicated engineer at an oil rig before transitioning to the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry to fulfill his aspiration of becoming a dentist.


After acquiring his degree, Dr. Mason's professional ventures took him to Strathmore and Calgary, where he honed his skills and expertise before returning home to serve his community. Beyond his commitment to dentistry, Dr. Mason finds joy in outdoor activities like hiking and golf, as well as exploring new destinations through travel.


Noteworthy is Dr. Mason's humanitarian spirit, showcased through his participation in dental volunteer trips, including one to Guatemala where he provided free dental care to those in need. In his downtime, Dr. Mason cherishes moments spent with his wife and their beloved white fluffy dog, Benny, creating memories that go beyond professional achievements.


Dr. Justin Kim is a dedicated orthodontic specialist with a passion for creating beautiful smiles and positively impacting the lives of his patients. He embarked on his journey in dentistry at the University of Alberta, where he earned his Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Dental Surgery degrees.


During his time in dental school, Dr. Justin discovered the transformative power of smiles and became inspired to specialize in orthodontics. After practicing as a general dentist in High River, Alberta, he returned to the University of Alberta to pursue his passion further. Dr. Justin completed a three-year graduate orthodontic specialty program, honing his expertise and skills to become an orthodontic specialist.


With a total dedication of 11 years to his education and training at the University of Alberta, Dr. Justin brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his practice. He is committed to staying at the forefront of orthodontic advancements to provide the highest quality care to his patients.


Outside of his professional endeavours, Dr. Justin cherishes spending time with his two lovely daughters. He enjoys exploring the picturesque landscapes of the mountains through hiking and loves to golf.


Dr. Justin’s commitment to excellence in orthodontics, paired with his warm demeanour and dedication to patient care, makes  him a trusted choice for individuals seeking to achieve their perfect smile.

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